Love For Everyone.

Whether you both have facial hair or not, Dazzling Dates is here to create the perfect customized experience for you and your lover.

You might be trying to impress a new date, rekindle a spark in a long lasting love affair, celebrate a milestone or just want to have some fun!

Contact us to plan your perfect date or romantic getaway, or to create a personalized gift for a special occasion.

We do the work. You make the memories.

Who is Behind Dazzling Dates?

Hi, my name is Carla. I'm part artist, part graphic designer, people-loving, full time soul mate, best friend and lover, new at hula hooping and live with a grateful spirit everyday no matter what's happening. I also started a leadership program for girls called PROUDgirls.

I've been told, I am really good at planning dates, getaways and creating special personalized gifts. This is something my family and friends have been asking me to do for them for years.

Because I have an affinity for thinking outside the box and an entrepreneurial spirit, I decided to start Dazzling Dates to offer what I love to do and do really well, beyond my inner circle.  I'm looking forward to inspiring love and adventure always.

I will be honored to help you create your perfect memory.

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